Thursday, August 16, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Fifty Shades Of Grey

Ok, I bought them, the whole set of scandal and erotic. I bought the books my mom was always trying to hide from my curious eyes.
3 books describing hard and soft limits and much more with lots of details.
I gotta tell you, it's hot !!!
You don't know what I'm talking about ? Read some reviews and you`ll be intrigued.
I have to admit that I was not too keen on reading stuff about gagging, spanking and such.
But I also admit that I, like every woman on earth ( be honest !) have phantasies.
I finished the first of three books and was surprised. Sure, there is a lot of juicy stuff but reading with an open mind I found that there is a lot more to the story and I can recommend what other would rather burn to ashes.
I will tell you more after I read the 2nd book ;p

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