Friday, June 3, 2011

PostHeaderIcon What made me do this ? Part 2

Okies, I thought about this for a day and here is why......
I am an only child, my parents are still very active and kicking in Germany.

After the huge earthquake in the Tohoku area they were out of their minds with worries.
I can`t blame them, I would have been too.
I decided that it would be a good thing to have something online besides my pixel site
for them to visit from time to time and leave a comment maybe.

I`ve been asked.......why are you still in Japan after that disaster ?
You should make a run and go home to Germany !
I tell you why. I`ve been here for 18 years and realized.......this is home for me.
I love and miss Germany and life there might be easier for me.
But I love it here too and besides, I have a husband, 3 kids, a dog, lots of friends,
a house, a job..............(no specific order) here. That is more than I can say for Germany
right now even though my parents and some cousins are there.

So, this is home and where I am it`s safe.
I feel sad and sorry for those who lost everything and loved ones, their pain and sorrow is
beyond my imagination. I wish I could do more than I am doing to help.
It takes time but I am sure things will improve and everything will return to normal.......
whatever that


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